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March 28,2023, Press Release: Glogou Unveils GPT Integration Services for Content Management Systems to Boost Digital Marketing Impact

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Sep 30,2015, Press Release: Glogou Launches Sales Opportunity Discovery Online Services to Help Businesses Sell More Into Asian Markets

Jul 9,2015, Press Release: Glogou Launches Asia Marketing Self Planner, an Interactive Asia Media Guide to Help Businesses Plan China and Asia Marketing

Jun 11,2014, Press Release: Glogou Publishes Travel and Destination Marketing White Paper

May 1, 2014,Press Release: Glogou Launches Sales Signal Processing (SSP) to Solve the Toughest Problems for International Sales

Sep 24,2013, Press Release: Glogou Launches Big Data Solutions for Travel and Destination Marketing

August 7, 2013, Press Release: Glogou Announces "Across the Great Wall" China Marketing Technologies and Services That Break Down the Barriers to Reaching the Growing China Market

July 17, 2013, Press Release: Glogou Inc. Announces SoLoMo Solutions for Destination Marketing

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Nov 06, 2012, TechCrunch: Glogou Launches New Tools To Help Businesses Build Their Online Presence (And Ad Campaigns) In China

Aug 27, 2012, San Jose Mercury News: Silicon Valley startup Glogou Teaches Small Companies How To Say "Buy My Product" In Chinese


Glogou AI Marketing Systems Now Support Salesforce Integrations

Silicon Valley-based Glogou is helping global clients to market easier to China-based consumers with its Salesforce Baidu Integration App.

Billed as an easy-to-use cloud based service, the App will help CMOs to manage marketing campaigns for China through Salesforce.

Baidu is an important search engine platform in China.

Being the most popular search engine, and with the prominent absence of Google, it offers a key platform for paid media and advertisements.

It is one of the three technology giants, along with Alibaba and Tencent (called BAT) that dominate the social media and online marketing channels in China.

The problem is that to work on Baidu, you need to be literate in Simplified Chinese.

In addition, measuring ROI for China marketing campaigns using Baidu can be difficult as some of the data are not easily interpreted or even accessible.

Glogou’s Salesforce Baidu Integration App aims to address this.

CMOs will be able to track how successful their campaigns are through statistics related to lead generation, prospecting, and sales without having to learn Simplified Chinese.

The marketing campaign information is synced with Salesforce, so users can track which Baidu campaigns resulted in the most leads and opportunities via the popular platform.

It will help CMOs to optimize campaign strategies ensuring that better results and improved cost efficiency, making it easier to promote on the Baidu platform and enter the China market.

The app will be available on Salesforce's AppExchange.