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Sample Search Engine Exposure of a University vs.its Peer


The Insights

Asian Search Engine Index shows how likely your school will be found by alumni and potential donors

  • Left sample chart shows that Wyoming University got less media exposure than peer schools in Google English search results.
  • Wyoming University got better media exposure than peer schools in Baidu Chinese search results.
  • Wyoming University has lots to improve comparing to the best in the peer group.


Sample Asian Media Exposure of Three Universities

alumni_engagement alumni_engagement_fundraising

Asian Media Exposure Index show how likely potential donors and alumni will read something about your college in Asian media

  • Left sample chart shows that University of Illinois got more media coverage during this period..
  • Colorado State University received less media attention in Asia during this period
  • On April 23, 2015, University of Wyoming got most media exposure, Colorado State University got least lowest media exposure..