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Feature: Italy's cruise industry testing the waters with restart during pandemic
"Because of the pandemic, the ideal vacation has become something in wide-open spaces and fresh air. A cruise that may have seemed exotic or romantic before the pandemic probably seems cramped and r
Crow Wing Food Co-op joins downtown with fresh focus
The co-op is also carrying freshly made, local, organic fresh juices from Just Juice, a local juicing company. In addition to the made-to-order items, there will be grab and go bottled smoothies and
Ana de Armas Is the New Face of Esteé Lauder
Nothing says fresh start like a set of bangs and a new job. And it looks like Ana de Armas is starting 2021 off with both. The latest Bond girl has been named the latest global ambassador of Esteé La
TikTok agrees to pay $92 million in privacy lawsuit in US
"According to the report, as part of the fresh settlement, TikTok has agreed to avoid "several behaviours" like storing biometric information, collecting GPS or clipboard data, and sending or storing
Every Product Our Beauty Editors Loved Using in February
But in the meantime, as we continue to decay on our couch, some old reliables and a few newcomer beauty products have helped to keep us smelling fresh, evened out our complexion after a maskne attac
Royal Caribbean's Onboard Air System Deemed Safe For Passengers
Royal Caribbean’s existing HVAC systems were already created to be efficient in providing maximum ventilation, continual fresh air intake, and layers of filtration for both incoming and outgoing air.
One to Watch The Canadian Comeback Kid
Bradley Taylor, one half of Birchall & Taylor, needed a fresh start. "I've never been through a divorce," he says, "but I imagine this is what it's like. I even wanted to sell my watchmaking tools,
The 100 Greatest Skin Care Products of All Time
The heart of Clinique’s trademark three-step skin care system remains as iconic today as when it launched more than 50 years ago, thanks to a refresh in 2013 that increased its hydrating properties
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are getting remakes on Nintendo Switch
We also got a fresh trailer for New Pokemon Snap. The livestream came a day before the 25th anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green's original release in Japan, which is being marked with a virtual Pos
Carnival Cruise Line President Provides Situation Update
Carnival Cruise Line has been busy with making enhancements to the vessels, from fresh paint around the ship to deep cleaning all areas of ships. New food digesters have also been installed, which h

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