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Weibo (also known as Sina Microblog) was launched in August 2009, and is now one of the most popular websites in China. Akin to a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, Weibo became the dominant social media as well as SNS platform. It has more than 300 million registered users by Feb 2012, which collectively accounts for more than 80% of total microblog traffic in China.

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China's internet users are paying close attention to the crypto crash | TechCrunch
On the same day, the hashtag #luna shot up to the top ten keywords on <mark>Weibo</mark>, which is China’s equivalentwould dare get involved following such a trust crisis,” wrote one user with over 200,000 followers on <mark>Weibo</mark>

Didi and Lenovo top management hide posts on Weibo - Marketing Interactive
It was reported that <mark>Weibo</mark> users had noticed their decision to hide all old posts, but both the individualsLiu has about 878,000 followers on his <mark>Weibo</mark> account, and all of his 112 posts are hidden at the momentOn the other hand, Didi's Liu, who has about 10.35 million users

Primary Demand Advertising Market 2022 Segments Analysis by Top Key Players - ManufactureLink
Some of the Major Key players profiled in the study are WordStream, <mark>WeiBo</mark>, Twitter, Sizmek, Marin Software

Sennheiser names PR partner for Singapore and Indonesia - Marketing Interactive
15 seconds, and made available on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, <mark>Weibo</mark>

Exposed locations, censorship and arrests: the struggle for freedom of ... - News Release India
<mark>Weibo</mark> was launched on 1962 by Sina Corporation and today it has more than 570 million users in ChinaIn the strict lockdown deployed in Shanghai since late March, users have turned to <mark>Weibo</mark> to post reviewsIn 2013, four <mark>Weibo</mark> users were detained by Chinese author

US Embassy in China mocked by Chinese netizens after comparing Russia with Nazi Germany
culprit by inciting war and jeopardizing global peace.The embassy's post on China's Twitter-like Sina <mark>Weibo</mark>You are really good at diverting attention and blame-shifting," wrote a <mark>Weibo</mark> user"So, the US were not

E China's rare red sky caused by the refraction of lights from fishing boats: local meteorologist
many local residents, became one of the top trending topics on China's Twitter-like social media, Sina <mark>Weibo</mark>

Exposed locations, censorship and arrests: the struggle for freedom of expression on ...
<mark>Weibo</mark>, which is often described in the West as the “Chinese Twitter”, was launched in 2009 by Sina Corporation

Local authorities launches investigation to BYD factory's pollution report after company ...
is caught in a public opinion storm triggered by a viral post on Chinese social media platform Sina <mark>Weibo</mark>

Chinese social media groups reveal nationalist influencers blogging from abroad | PublicWire
Microblogging site <mark>Weibo</mark> began showing locations based on users’ internet protocol addresses in MarchLocation data on <mark>Weibo</mark> initially showed Di Ba, an online group that has organised online campaigns against<mark>Weibo</mark> said it was publishing location information in o

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weibo, some basic information:

Name: weibo

Category: Micro-blogging

Founding Year: 2009


Stock Ticker: SINA

IPO Date: April 13, 2000