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eLong.com is one of the leading online travel service providers in China. Through the website, a 24-hour hotline, and mobile applications, the company provides quality service to consumers for accommodations, air tickets, and vocation packages. With its map-based search, panoramic image of hotels, detailed tour information, and a large volume of consumer ratings, travelers are able to find the best travel options on its platform. eLong is now controlled by expedia.com, which integrates its international resources and channels to China through eLong. As of May 2011, eLong covered more than 20,000 hotels across approximately 700 cities in China as well as most domestic and international airlines.

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eLong, some basic information:

Name: eLong

Category: Travel

Founding Year: 1999

website: eLong.com

Stock Ticker: LONG

IPO Date: October 28, 2004