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Perfect World is one of the largest online game developer and operator in China. Through its subsidiaries, Perfect World also extended its business in the United States, Japan, and southeast Asia. The company develops online games based on its proprietary game engines and development platforms. It offers a series of 3D MMORPGs, a number of which often appear on the billboard of most popular online games China. It also involves in the production and distribution of films, as well as television advertising activities. Perfect World was founded in 2004 and is based in Beijing, China.

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Janette Caballero Jovic, Financial Services Marketing Veteran, to Join Rockefeller Capital ...
for effective, sophisticated marketing support has never been greater, and I’m confident she’s the <mark>perfect</mark>join Greg’s leadership team in expanding this extraordinary company and its historic brand around the <mark>world</mark>

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operations at a dealership has the customer selecting a vehicle based on its sticker price or perhaps a <mark>perfect</mark>-<mark>world</mark>

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While Chinese Dota 2 teams were unable to travel to Sweden for the Dota Pro Circuit Major, Valve and <mark>Perfect</mark><mark>World</mark> pivoted the region to a new format so the top rosters could still end the Spring Tour with a bang

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The Australian backed that up with her first Short Track <mark>World</mark> Cup win on Friday in Albstadt.The 30-year-old’s winning streak continued on Sunday with McConnell earning herself a <mark>perfect</mark> <mark>World</mark> Cup

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A little penne goes a long way Why is pasta so popular all over the <mark>world</mark>?preparation—while also exporting an aspirational idea of Mediterranean life that is still associated with <mark>perfect</mark>

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The farmers sleep fully clothed so they are ready to run for shelter. Their nearby city of Mykolaiv has been the scene of fighting — bombs are falling most nights and there is no running water. At a desk in Romania, Australian farmer Lawrence Richmond receives these updates from workers at the thr

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BARRY LABOV, a two-time Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year and inductee into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, is founder, president and CEO of LABOV Marketing Communications and Training in Fort Wayne. He has written and co-authored more than a dozen business books and is a regular columnist in bu

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Perfect World, some basic information:

Name: Perfect World

Category: Gaming

Founding Year: 2004

website: Perfect World

Stock Ticker: PWRD

IPO Date: July 26, 2007