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Kuwo, some basic information:

Name: Kuwo

Category: Music

Founding Year: 2005

website: Kuwo.com

Stock Ticker:

IPO Date:


Kuwo Music Box was founded by two Stanford MBA returnees in Aug 2005 to offer free online music listening. Beyond the basic features, the company also provides other fancy features catering to the needs of Chinese young people, such as online MTV, automatic lyric, and updates about the stars etc. It is pressured, however, in recent days with aggressive new entrants such as Baidu, Tencent, and the well-financed online video companies.

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1 on the iTunes Top Albums charts in 47 countries, as well as on the digital album sales chart of China's QQ Music and Kuwo Music. Moreover, SHINee's new album peaked at No. 1 on the Gaon Album Chart

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Although Tencent’s main video game and social media businesses may come out of the probe unscathed, the company will likely be asked to give up its exclusive music rights and possibly even forced to

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Tencent likely to be fined in Chinese competition law crackdown, could be force to sell music apps
However, the regulator still reportedly has concerns, in particular over the fact that, as a result of past acquisitions, Tencent owns three streaming services in China – Kugou, Kuwo and QQ Music –

The music giant may be forced to shed streaming apps Kuwo and Kugou and give up more ...
The Chinese regulator is looking to loosen the company’s stranglehold on the streaming market, which has tightened since Tencent Music acquired competitors Kuwo Music and Kugou Music in 2016. Those a

Report: Tencent Could Be Facing Major Fine Amid Chinese Antitrust Scrutiny
The State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) is focusing in part on Tencent’s Music Entertainment Group and may be forced to give up exclusive music rights and to may be required to some of

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Tencent could be hit with $1.5bn fine and forced to sell two music apps in China (report)
Reuters’ sources suggest that Tencent will now be forced by SAMR to relinquish these rights, and – in an unprecedented move – may also be forced to sell off two of its music apps, Kugou and Kuwo, to

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