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Ganji provides classified local information for rental, used goods, hiring, car sale, training, activities, and group purchase. Founded in 2005, it is now the second largest classified AD website in China, covering more than 300 major cities.

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Part-time Job Platform Market Is Booming Worldwide - Queen Anne and Mangolia News
A new Market Research from, the Global Part-time Job Platform Market, is expected to show tremendous growth in the coming years. Analysts also analyzed the ongoing trends in Part-time Job Platform and the opportunities for growth in the industries. These shareholders include the following manufacturers of Outdoors Advertising: YY,, 58, Monster, Zhipin, 51job, 1010jz, Ganji, Nijianzhi. The Worldwide Part-time Job Platform Market Research Report provides a picture of the competitive landscape of the international market. The report conveys the details resulting from the analysis of the focused market. Initially, the Part-time Job Platform Market report shares key aspects of the industry with the details of the impact and Part-time Job Platform industry experts maintain a consistent survey with innovative trends, Market share and cost.

The main sources are mainly industry experts in the core and related industries and manufacturers involved in all sectors of the industry supply chain. The bottom-up approach is used to plan the market size of Part-time Job Platform based on end-user industry and region in terms of value/volume. With the help of data, we support the primary market through the three-dimensional survey procedure and the first interview and data verification through expert telephone, determine the …

Federal Judge Rejects Trump's Appeal Over His Twitter Ban - Android Headlines
After months of litigation, a federal judge finally rejected Trump lawsuit over his ban on Twitter. The judge says Twitter hasn’t violated Trump’s First Amendment rights. According to Engadget (via CNBC), San Francisco federal district court Judge James Donato Issued the final verdict on Donald Tru

Elon Musk Reportedly Becomes The Temporary CEO Of Twitter - Android Headlines
As per the latest report by CNBC (via The Verge), Elon Musk might join Twitter as temporary CEO after he could complete the buyout. The report claims that Musk has announced this decision to possible funders of the takeover. A few months ago, Jack Dorsey announced he would step down as Twitter CEO,

ESPN Plus To Stream Its First Exclusive NFL Game On October 30 - Android Headlines
ESPN Plus will stream its first exclusive NFL game between the Broncos and Jaguars in London on October 30, The Verge reports. Last year, the NFL signed a massive content distribution agreement that allowed streaming companies to broadcast NFL domestic and international games. Disney (ESPN Plus), A

MPTC member, 5 others arrested in Eluru YSRC leader murder case - The New Indian Express
VIJAYAWADA: Eluru police on Wednesday arrested six persons, including the prime accused MPTC member B Bazaraiah, for their alleged involvement in the murder of G Kothapalli YSRC village unit president Ganji Prasad on April 30.Giving the details of the arrests, Eluru Superintendent of Police Rahul Dev Sharma said the murder took place due to the fight for supremacy in G Kothapalli between Prasad and Bazaraiah. The other accused are associates of Bazaraiah, who developed grouse against Prasad.

Due to minor clashes instigated by Prasad, one of the accused Sanam Hemant had to close down his hotel a year ago. Similarly, Undrajavarapu Mohan Kumar was removed from the field assistant post. Some clashes occurred during Sri Rama Navami festival.For quite some time, Bazaraiah was plotting to kill Prasad. He incited Koduri Ravi Teja alias John to kill Prasad several days ago, but the attempt was abandoned due to John’s love marriage.Bazaraiah waited for an opportunity. He started provoking his followers Reddy Satyanarayana (RSN), Mandavalli Suresh, Sanam Hemant, Ganji Nagarjuna and others by providing them liquor.

Bazaraiah met his group members on April 20 and decided to kill Prasad in a week or 10 days at any cost. They met at Jangareddygudem to plan …

Some Hyundai Vehicles Get Android Auto In Widescreen
The newest update released for Android Auto makes it go widescreen on some of the Hyundai vehicles, 9to5google reports. Today, almost all modern cars on the market come equipped with infotainment systems with screens of different sizes. Android Auto can also be found in most of these cars. However,

WPI Expands Cybersecurity Research with NSF-Funded Microscope and High-Performance ...
Before joining the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Fatemeh was a Post Doctoral Associate at the University of Florida (from 2018-2020) and at the Telecom Innovation Laboratories/Technical University of Berlin (from 2017-2018). She defended

Google TV Highlights Star Wars Content Via 'May the Fourth' Section - Android Headlines
Google TV has started to show the ‘‘May the Fourth’’ section for Star Wars day. As many of you know, ‘May 4’ is Star Wars day, and “May the Fourth” is a word play on “May the force (be with you” from the movies. Of course, this is not the first time that Google is doing such a thing, and they did a

Andhra Pradesh: Political rivalry motive behind murder of YSRCP activist, say police - The Hindu
The police suspect political rivalry as the motive for the murder of YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) activist Ganji Prasad at G. Kothapalli in Eluru district.

Three persons, who came on a two-wheeler, allegedly attacked Ganji Prasad with knives on the main road near a school on April 30. He died on the spot.

YSRCP Gopalapuram MLA Talari Venkat Rao went to G. Kothapalli to console the family members of Ganji Prasad. He was attacked by unidentified persons. The Dwaraka Tirumala police have registered a case.

Meanwhile, family members of Ganji Prasad have alleged that Mr. Venkat Rao was behind the murder and demanded his arrest.

“We have rounded up the suspects in the case. Political rivalry and personal vengeance appear to be the reasons behind the killing,” said Eluru Superintendent of Police Rahul Dev Sharma.

After the murder and the attack on the YSR Congress Party MLA, tense situation prevailed at the village and police forces were deployed as a precautionary measure. “Police pickets are still there (G. Kothapalli). The situation is under control,” Mr. Sharma said on Monday.

Elon Musk May Choose To Fire Twitter's 'Chief Censor' - Android Headlines
Twitter’s chief lawyer Vijaya Gadde is at the risk of losing her job after the Elon Musk could complete the buyout and takeover of the company, The New York Post reports, Vijaya Gadde is a name that is on the top of the headlines these days. She is Twitter’s chief lawyer and general counsel of the

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