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Dangdang.com is a leading e-commerce?company in China.?It was founded in 1999 with headquarter in Beijing.?Dangdang offers household merchandise, including books/audio, home appliances, cosmetics, and baby products. More than 100 thousand people buy things from Dangdang.com each day and the monthly sale amounts to over RMB 20 million. According to third party report, over 40% B2C customers in China had shopping experiences with Dangdang. The company made an?IPO in Nasdaq?in November 2010, estimated at approximately?USD 1?billion.?

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DangDang, some basic information:

Name: DangDang

Category: eCommerce

Founding Year: 1999

website: DangDang

Stock Ticker: DANG

IPO Date: December 7, 2010