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WATCH: Socceroo scores stunning first Bundesliga goal
Australian attacker Ajdin Hrustic bagged his first Bundesliga goal in style as he scored a late equaliser for Eintracht Frankfurt against Mainz on Sunday night. With Hrustic's side trailling 1-0 in t
Republican Lin Wood claims Lindsey Graham will be gone soon and South Carolina could lead ...
The theory was that "voting-machine audit logs — lines of codes and timestamps that document the machines' activities — contained indications of vote manipulation." There was just one problem, they di
The Best Shows Like 'Ginny & Georgia' to Watch While You Wait for Season 2
If you're one of the folks who binge-watched right through Ginny & Georgia when it first arrived on Netflix, (and based on how long it stayed in the Top 10 shows, that was a whole lot of us,) the wait
Trump's focus on 'petty rivalries' and revenge 'frustrating' close allies, report says
Donald Trump’s desire to take revenge on his political enemies is starting to frustrate his close allies, according to a report by The Washington Post. The newspaper reports that a number of Republic
No, You Won't Starve On a Gluten-Free Vegan Diet
Grains that contain wheat include whole wheat, bulgar, farro, farina, spelt, graham, durum, bromated flour (flour treated with potassium bromate), kamut (Khorasan wheat), and wheat berries. Wheat, ry
Eureka TikTok star's Nike critique earns millions of views
In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week at 9:40 Have you heard about this 19-year-old from Eureka who’s a world-famous TikTok star and an up-and-coming musician? Louie Lingard has over 840,000 fo
10 American Racecar Drivers Who Made It To Formula One
Ask the typical American what they think of when the word "motorsport" is mentioned, and quite likely, the vast majority of them would think of NASCAR or IndyCar. And that's normal, as those racing se
POLITICO Playbook: Will Biden go to bat for Dems in the midterms?
Happy Mother’s Day to the women who never get enough credit for being every politician’s first general consultant. (After all, would it really be a Joe Biden speech without an “As my mother used to sa
Cassidy Pushes Back On Graham Declaring GOP 'Can't Grow Without' Trump
Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) on Sunday pushed back on Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) remarks last week declaring that the Republican Party can’t move forward without former President Trump, amid House Repub
'American Idol' contestant Grace Kinstler inspires young girls, women to regain confidence in ...
When Grace Kinstler stepped out on the “American Idol” stage last Sunday, the lights were dimmed so fans could only see an outline of the singer. “I can hear you but I won’t,” Kinstler sings as she b

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