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A Brief History of Black Designers and Couture
As the lampshade millinery dripping in crystals, hot roller cloak and fridge facade finale dress adorned with magnets spelling out, “But who invented Black trauma?” slipped back into the Villa Lewaro estate to close out the historic Pyer Moss Couture show earlier this month, in came the reviews, the
Indian fashion: Time for a revival, again?
“It was after the setting up of Nift (the National Institute of Fashion Technology; in 1986) that people here started realising the importance of fashion,” says Kumar. “And then, of course, liberalisation happened and the industry started coming into being. The opening up (of the economy) completely
Jill Fairchild Dies at 94
Jill Fairchild ­— who in her quiet way was as much of a force, and had as much of an impact, as her late husband John B. Fairchild, WWD’s legendary editorial director and publisher — died June 25 at age 94. They were a couple who perfectly complemented one another and who, at the time of his death i
Fashion designer Ritu Beri talks about the impact of the pandemic on the fashion industry
For the past 21 years, celebrated fashion designer Ritu Beri has had no reason to look back except perhaps just to review her achievements. In 2000, Ritu became the Head of the French fashion house, Jean Louis Scherrer, and was in-charge of the design of their pret-a-porter collections. In the follo

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