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Name: Young & Rubicam

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Peter A. Georgescu, Global Marketing Legend and Chairman - GlobeNewswire
Georgescu, business executive, author, and Chairman Emeritus of <mark>Young</mark> & <mark>Rubicam</mark>, has joined the companyAt <mark>Young</mark> & <mark>Rubicam</mark>, he was instrumental in developing and fostering the integrated communications strategyGeorgescu’s illustrious career includes

Best Advertising Web Sites to be Named by Web Marketing Association in 26th Annual ...
Website. 2007 - SpotRunner for SpotRunner Website 2006 - SpotRunner for SpotRunner Website 2005 - <mark>Young</mark>& <mark>Rubicam</mark> Brands/Wunderman, Detroit for Meet the Lucky Ones 2004 - Hanon McKendry/The Brand ConsultantsGroup Website.2007 - SpotRunner for SpotRunner Website2006 -


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