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Challenger brands to watch in 2022: Manner Coffee - for accelerating a new national ritual
Unperturbed, founder Han Yu <mark>and</mark> his wife relocated to Shanghai, in true <mark>David</mark> vs <mark>Goliath</mark> fashion, toIn a 2-metre square kiosk sandwiched between a building entryway <mark>and</mark> shop, the odds were stacked.

kia america wins multiple marketing honors during 2022 new york international auto show
With assistance from agency partners including <mark>David</mark>&<mark>Goliath</mark>, Gail & Rice, Innocean, <mark>and</mark> Zeno Group,

Ads and Brand Law Digest April 2022 - Lewis Silkin
When it came to the arguments based upon reputation <mark>and</mark> passing off, it was again <mark>David</mark> rather than <mark>Goliath</mark>establish the necessary reputation in the CHINA TANG marks, the judge found that both a geographical <mark>and</mark>


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