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Apex Legends Season 13 Release Date & Saviors Battle Pass Leak - HITC
about the new POI going live on May 10, revealing to fans: “We added a brand-new POI; a washed-up sea <mark>creature</mark>

Shoes made of mushroom leather? Balenciaga, Hermes, Gucci, and others investing in ...
, and in doing as such, dodges the issues of ozone harming substance discharges, deforestation, and <mark>creature</mark>Initiative, which unites brands, researchers and financial backers to speed up this up and coming age of <mark>creature</mark>free materials, says last year $980m of subsidizing w

Watch: Creature looks like 'baby dinosours', video goes viral - Free Press Journal
Nature never fails to amaze us and the internet is full of cute animal videos. Recently, a video went viral in which a group of creatures were seen running on the beach. Many called them 'baby dinosaurs'. This 14-second clip has left netizens confused. Some were able to figure it out that these ar

Where You Should Vacation, Based on Your Zodiac Sign - Yahoo
You want to do a little bit of everything, while still enjoying some of your favorite <mark>creature</mark> comforts

How Much Should Beauty Companies Rely on China to Generate Growth? - Head Topics
Unspoken Theme Of The Met GalaButterfly clips and bleached brows, the Met Gala was y2k meets woodland <mark>creature</mark>

This Jewish Museum in Vienna Debunks Rothschild Dynasty Conspiracy Theories - News18
depicts family member Lynn Rothschild in a luxurious living room in front of a painting of a diabolical <mark>creature</mark>

AMV tackles the menopause to win Channel 4's £1m Diversity in Advertising award
Davina McCall’s Channel 4 documentary series has been a catalyst for many high profile women to talk about the menopause, putting this previously taboo topic much higher up the news agenda.

Just as McCall’s latest show goes on air, Tena and AMV BBDO have won this year’s C4 Diversity in Advertising prize with a campaign that presents the menopause as a second coming of age. All the mid-life clichés are in there, but they are for once woven into a more nuanced story, told through the relationship between a mother and daughter.

Veriça Djurdjevic, chief revenue officer at Channel 4, said: “AMV’s ad for Tena is a game-changing take on the narrative around the menopause. It perfectly fulfilled our brief, using the central idea of talking about the menopause as a way of breaking the stigma and silence that exists around ageism in advertising.”

Lauren Peters and Augustine Cerf, creatives at AMV BBDO, said: “People going through the menopause also deserve their emotionally nuanced coming of age stories of rage, confusion, liberation and becoming. We hope this campaign can reinject humanity and beauty into the life stage, subvert damaging and demeaning stereotypes and help women feel better supported and less alone.”

The runner up …

How To Apply For Thailand Work Permit - RecentlyHeard
But the <mark>creature</mark> was so rare that the idea soon lost appeal.

Vienna show spotlights Rothschild dynasty conspiracy theories - France 24
depicts family member Lynn Rothschild in a luxurious living room in front of a painting of a diabolical <mark>creature</mark>

Tena's Frank And Funny Campaign Shows Unspoken Realities Of Menopause | The Drum
Tena and AMV BBDO have revealed the heart-warming and humorous ad campaign that won it the £1m Diversity in Advertising Awards from Channel 4. The brand’s CMO and agency creatives reveal their thinking behind the work.

Tena’s frank and funny new campaign focuses on the relationship between a daughter and her mother as she navigates the menopause. It’s an unusual treatment, but agency AMV BBDO developed the concept armed with a “horrifying” statistic that over 80% of women will rarely talk to their own mothers about the experience.

“We know that the conversation is not there today – at work, at home or with your kids,” says Meta Redstedt, the global master brand and communications director at Tena.

“Women normally never talk with their mum about the menopause. And we know from the statistics that if women are better prepared, they will suffer less from the symptoms and feel better about the whole thing. So we wanted to have an inter-generation conversion that women could identify with.”
• Former Boots CMO’s message to agencies ignoring the menopause: ‘It matters’

The spot also leans into the idea that menopause is often spoken about as puberty in reverse. But while teenagers are told it’s a time of …

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