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  • Website:OCN
  • Affiliation: CJ E&M
  • Founding Year:1995
  • IPO Date:
  • "OCN is a movie channel on¬†basic cable¬†throughoutSouth Korea. In the 2000s it became the most viewed station in South Korea, which prompted them to create their widely recognized English-language slogan, ""Korea number-one channel."" With cable TV penetration quite high in South Korea, OCN is a popular movie resource."

  • How much does it cost to advertise on OCN.

  • The cost to advertise on OCN depends on many factors, such as: your products, your targeted customers, your campaign goals (lead generation or branding). OCN also has initial account setting up fee. Please Contact Us for details, we will reply you in one working day with details.
  • What is the procedure to advertise on OCN? How to start a marketing campaign on OCN

  • OCN does not support self-service yet. You will need an agent to help you to open account, to setup an account, and to manage your campaign for you.
  • How to improve OCN marketing campaign results?

  • Glogou provides advanced campaign optimization methods to improve your OCN marketing campaign, to help you get best campaign results, highest return on investment, and more sales leads with less cost.


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