Looking for the most effective way to do higher education marketing in China? We assist higher education institutions worldwide to recruit in China through social media, social networks and search engine marketing.

Our Services

  • Weibo Marketing
  • Recruiting Newsletters
  • Chinese Language Assistance
  • Weibo Account Management
  • China Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Our Markets

  • World Wide Higher Institutions

Why do you need us for Higher Education Marketing in China?

  • Competition for top talent in China is high
  • Creative marketing methods will enable your institution to attract top talent effectively

What we can do for you?

  • Attract students from both China and overseas
  • Build up talent pipeline for future recruiting and the growth of your institution
  • Help higher education institution build better branding awareness and recruiting support system in China

How can we help you achieve your targets?

  • Search Engine Marketing on Baidu
  • Social Media Marketing on Weibo, the largest social network in China
  • Marketing on popular online forums to attract overseas Chinese who are interested in returning to China
  • Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn