WeChat Desktop Client has Arrived, Right after WhatsApp


Originally, all these apps were meant to be used only on smartphones but for the convenience of users, desktop clients are being rolled out now. First, it was WhatsApp and now WeChat has launched their Windows PC desktop client.

The purpose of these clients is to allow users to receive and send messages, add emojis and do a lot of other activities without having to reach for their phone. For a long time, WeChat, WhatsApp and Viber among many other apps had third party software programs which work occasionally.

Now, official versions for these applications are being rolled out. The desktop client usually doesn’t work as a standalone program but rather simply mirror everything that is happening on your smartphone with the help of an internet connection.

Latest Version Update

In order to use the desktop version, you have to download the newest version of WeChat from the Google Play store or the Apple store. Besides rolling out support for the client, the new version of the app also brings in multiple security updates, stability improvements and performance tweaks that makes the app more fun, as well as productive.

QR Code Activation

Similar to the same concept of having to scan a QR code to activate the client for WhatsApp, WeChat uses a different code but the process is the same. Just download the latest version of the app before you start using it. It will have an option that lets you scan the QR as required and it will help the desktop establish a connection with the smartphone.

How it works?

WeChat desktop client is purely a mirrored version of the smartphone app because you won’t be able to use the application to send or receive messages if there is no internet connection on your phone. By using the client, you will be able to read and send messages. It will also be displayed on your phone which makes it easier to keep track of messages when you switch to your smartphone.

The only change is that all alerts will be displayed only on your computer when you use the software program and not on your phone. Another catch is that this application is available only in Chinese for now and an English version is expected to roll out in the coming weeks. There’s also a web based chat client for WeChat, if you prefer to use it rather than having to download and install a separate program.

Source: http://thefusejoplin.com/2015/02/wechat-desktop-client-arrived-whatsapp/


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