WeChat APK Download – The Best Messaging App There Is?

One of the best, most loved and exciting ways to connect is with WeChat, a free messaging app that’s become a social media app in its own right. From humble beginnings, WeChat has turned into a state-of-the-art messaging app that almost everyone who owns a phone is using.

WeChat APK has many improvements from the older APK, outlined in detail later in the article.

It’s hard to find a chat app that’s easier to use than WeChat. While WhatsApp may have conquered the BlackBerry market, WeChat practically rules the roost. 

One of the best things about WeChat is how it makes connecting to your friends so easy. Besides simply using a phone number to find your friend, you can add a contact via a scanned QR code, or by their WeChat ID itself. Ever easier (and best of all) you can add your friends through Facebook integration. 

Fun, fast, free, it’s WeChat! What makes it so great? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

WeChat has free video and voice calls. Other competing messaging applications can barely keep up, and only allow the user to send recorded messages. With WeChat, you get the full package. Enjoy crystal clear voice chats at the touch of a button! If you want, there’s also the option to send voice messages with just a tap.

Why chat, when you can use stickers to tell even more of a story? WeChat, like Facebook Messenger, supports stickers. There is an almost endless supply of stickers waiting for you, from crazy aliens to big shaggy dogs and your favourite TV shows.

A cool “walkie-talkie” mode – when in group chat, tap the “+” icon. It’s a fun and exciting way to talk to everyone in a large conversation.

Want to find friends nearby (who doesn’t?), then use Friend Radar to see who else is searching for like-minded people just like you in your area. This is an interesting way to find new friends on the fly! Want to find those who are 1000’s of miles away? Then just “Shake”. That’s right, shake your phone and WeChat will detect new users from across the seas. It’s a unique feature certainly not found on any other messaging platform.

Enjoy desktop to chat interaction and back again. Log into WeChat on your PC or Mac and experience a whole new way to chat. It’s seamless, free and helps you to talk with even more people at once. It’s what Group Chat was made for!

Create your own personal photo stream and share Moments with your friends and family. WeChat makes it easy to customize your own space.

Enjoy 100’s of new games on the WeChat store. Why just chat when you can play some of the most thrilling mobile games around?

Finally, there are loads of plugins that we’ve barely gone into detail with. Essentially,there is a plug-in for anything you could possibly imagine. WeChat just continues to grow!

WeChat APK now has the ability to change text size globally, the option of viewing how much space WeChat is using (and how to free it up), video and voice call minimization, sticker sync (if you’re moving to a new phone and want to keep your old stickers), support for Android Wear and further stability options.

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