China: No Need for Open Internet?

  While state media has cited the “near flawless organization” of the Beijing Olympics in support of China’s bid for the 2022 Winter Games, critics have pointed out 2008’s broken promises on media freedom and other rights issues as cause for hesitation. Reuters’ Ben Blanchard reports one bid official’s claim that foreign attendees in 2022 would enjoy unfettered Internet access, but that [...]

China Less and Less Enamored of Social Media, Study Finds

China’s Internet users are growing disenchanted with social media. A new poll from research firm Kantar showed only 64.7% of Chinese web users felt social media’s impact is positive, down from 76.8% a year earlier. The study’s authors pointed to several causes, including loss of novelty, web addiction and lower-quality content on social media platforms. [...]

China to Ban Parody Accounts on Social Media

Parody Accounts on Social Media Paul Carsten, Reuters February 4, 2015 China will ban internet accounts that impersonate people or organizations, and enforce the requirement that people use real names when registering accounts online, its internet watchdog said on Wednesday. China has repeatedly made attempts to require internet users to register for online accounts using their [...]

China’s Twitter-like service Weibo went IPO on Apr 17 in the US and its shares jumped 19%

New York (AFP) – Sina Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter, debuted on the Nasdaq exchange Thursday with a 19.1 percent jump despite an IPO that went out undersubscribed and lower priced than hoped. In a spate of buying that suggested that Wall Street’s waters are still welcoming to loss-making technology high flyers, and to Chinese [...]

“Weibo-Taobao” platform will be on Launched on Aug 5, 2013

A few months after Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba grabbed 18 percent of Twitter-like microblogging platform Sina Weibo with a $586 million investment, the two have teamed up to launch a “Weibo-Taobao” platform to make it easier for customers on Weibo to shop on e-commerce site Taobao. The collaboration basically allows users to buy products directly [...]

China’s Fast-Growing WeChat Shakes Up Weibo.

Move over, Weibo. Here comes WeChat. Weibo, China’s microblogging platform that’s a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, was the hot place to be as recently as last year. Now, marketers are clamoring to engage with WeChat and the 300 million users it’s amassed in just two years. “Everyone is using WeChat, so marketers are wondering [...]

Kobe Bryant tweets on China’s Top Social Network Sina Weibo on Valentine’s Day 2013

Beijing–Sina Weibo has verified that the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant has set up an individual account on its hugely popular site. Bryant’s followers numbered more than 100,000 within hours on Thursday. By Friday, Feb 15, 2013, Bryant has gained over 422,000 fans on Weibo with only one tweet in one day. In comparison, Bryant has [...]

China Social Media Insights: The Game Between Weibo and Weixin(WeChat) is On

Tencent’s fast-growing mobile messaging application WeChat isn’t making money yet, but according to rival Sina Corp., the application is already taking user attention away from competitors. A screenshot shows the Apple iTunes page for recently released English-lanuage version of Tecent’s WeChat mobile messaging app. Speaking during Sina’s earnings call on Friday, chairman Charles Chao said [...]