Sina Weibo Rebranded Itself as Weibo

China’s largest microblog platform, Sina Weibo, which is preparing to launch an initial public offering in the US, has rebranded. The company posted its decision to drop the first part of its name on its own microblog (registration in Chinese). “Goodbye Sina Weibo. Hello Weibo!” the company wrote on March 28. By changing its name [...]

Sina Weibo has grown to 60.2 million daily active users among its 600 million registered users

Sina (NASDAQ:SINA) released its Q3 earnings report overnight, revealing that its Twitter-like Weibo saw growing revenues. In the post-earnings conference call, Sina CEO Charles Chao revealed that Weibo’s daily active users grew 11.2 percent to reach 60.2 million from June to September. That’s better than the 8.3 percent rise in daily actives during Q2. Chao [...]

“Weibo-Taobao” platform will be on Launched on Aug 5, 2013

A few months after Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba grabbed 18 percent of Twitter-like microblogging platform Sina Weibo with a $586 million investment, the two have teamed up to launch a “Weibo-Taobao” platform to make it easier for customers on Weibo to shop on e-commerce site Taobao. The collaboration basically allows users to buy products directly [...]

Glogou helps US companies build brands in China

Iris Huang (second from right), director of global marketing at Glogou, with her team at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Provided to China Daily Baidu is the dominant search engine in China. But for any non-Chinese business pining to capture a smidgeon of the Middle Kingdom market, there is a massive obstacle: The search giant’s [...]

Taishan opens WeChat account and How Tourism Industry can Benefit from WeChat Marketing

Taishan scenic spot recently opened its official WeChat account. Taishan is among the first scenic spots to promote its tourism online through WeChat, a popular mobile communication service. Staff members working at the information center have devised an automatic reply system that can answer some common questions quickly. “Travel information could reach tourists easily and [...]

Chinese travelers the world’s biggest spenders and how can you attract Chinese tourists

Chinese travelers are now the top source of tourism cash in the world, according to a new report by the United Nations World Tourism Organization(UNWTO). Boosted by a rising Chinese currency, Chinese travelers spent a record US$102 billion on international tourism in 2012, a 40 percent rise from US$73 billion in 2011. Chinese tourism: The [...]

Sina Weibo is Still Powerful Despite Zombies

According to the Wall Street Journal, a recent study from Hong Kong University found that over 57% of the 500 million-plus registered users on Sina Weibo, China’s favorite microblogging service, may be “zombie” accounts that post no original tweets. The study further found that just over 10% of users appear active in a given week, [...]

How Many People Really Use Sina Weibo Among its 500 Million Users?

China’s most beloved microblog, Sina Corp.’s Weibo is often described as a virtual town square where Chinese people can publicly discuss issues from politics to pop stars with a level of freedom not available elsewhere in the country. If that’s the case, a new study suggests the square isn’t nearly as full as it might [...]

Weibo and Weixin(WeChat): Coexistence due to Complimentary functionalities

Weixin and Weibo have been in the spotlight in the past two years due to their rapid growth and head-to-head competition with each other in China’s social media market. Weibo and Weixin(WeChat), who is going to be the winner? This article offered great insight. Highlights: Weibo offers a unique combination of Facebook in function and [...]

Kobe Bryant tweets on China’s Top Social Network Sina Weibo on Valentine’s Day 2013

Beijing–Sina Weibo has verified that the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant has set up an individual account on its hugely popular site. Bryant’s followers numbered more than 100,000 within hours on Thursday. By Friday, Feb 15, 2013, Bryant has gained over 422,000 fans on Weibo with only one tweet in one day. In comparison, Bryant has [...]