With a Surge in China Outbound Tourism: How Can Businesses Cater to Chinese Travellers

Last fall, a former Chinese employee of mine who goes by the Western name Marc, suddenly called me after more than a decade hiatus in our correspondence. He told me that he was now running his own travel company in Shanghai, and was in New York City leading a group of mid-level Chinese business managers [...]

Kobe Bryant tweets on China’s Top Social Network Sina Weibo on Valentine’s Day 2013

Beijing–Sina Weibo has verified that the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant has set up an individual account on its hugely popular site. Bryant’s followers numbered more than 100,000 within hours on Thursday. By Friday, Feb 15, 2013, Bryant has gained over 422,000 fans on Weibo with only one tweet in one day. In comparison, Bryant has [...]

Social Media Marketing in China: Weibo Marketing (2)

2. Why is Weibo so Popular in China? China’s weibo platforms are more than copycats of twitter. They have integrated the good features of Twitter, Facebook and other social network platforms. Here are some of the top reasons why Chinese internet users are so eager to embrace weibo. Weibo is easy to use, short to [...]

Social Media Marketing in China: Weibo Marketing (1)

1. What is Weibo?   Weibo(微博), also known as microblog, is the most popular and rapidly growing twitter-like social networking platform in China in the past year. As of December 2011, almost half of China’s 513 million internet users have signed up for weibo accounts.   China’s weibo market is dominated by two top players: [...]