Facebook brings apps, businesses to Messenger in face of competition from WeChat, Line

  Facebook is following the lead of Asian competitors WeChat and Line in opening its Messenger service to developers, as well as allowing businesses to use the app to handle customer support queries. The new features mark Facebook’s latest effort to transform its mobile messaging service into a full-featured platform with the same pull with [...]

China: No Need for Open Internet?

  While state media has cited the “near flawless organization” of the Beijing Olympics in support of China’s bid for the 2022 Winter Games, critics have pointed out 2008’s broken promises on media freedom and other rights issues as cause for hesitation. Reuters’ Ben Blanchard reports one bid official’s claim that foreign attendees in 2022 would enjoy unfettered Internet access, but that [...]

Skype vs WeChat vs Line – Why is Skype losing out against new players in the market

Skype has been one of the leading players in the VoIP markets for over a decade. Being the first player in the market, Skype has had the advantage of being the first name that people recall when they think of VoIP and voice calling over the internet. When Skype was first introduced I was in [...]

WeChat APK Download – The Best Messaging App There Is?

One of the best, most loved and exciting ways to connect is with WeChat, a free messaging app that’s become a social media app in its own right. From humble beginnings, WeChat has turned into a state-of-the-art messaging app that almost everyone who owns a phone is using. WeChat APK has many improvements from the older [...]

China Less and Less Enamored of Social Media, Study Finds

China’s Internet users are growing disenchanted with social media. A new poll from research firm Kantar showed only 64.7% of Chinese web users felt social media’s impact is positive, down from 76.8% a year earlier. The study’s authors pointed to several causes, including loss of novelty, web addiction and lower-quality content on social media platforms. [...]

China to Ban Parody Accounts on Social Media

Parody Accounts on Social Media Paul Carsten, Reuters February 4, 2015 China will ban internet accounts that impersonate people or organizations, and enforce the requirement that people use real names when registering accounts online, its internet watchdog said on Wednesday. China has repeatedly made attempts to require internet users to register for online accounts using their [...]

Chinese Users Despair Over WeChat’s New Targeted Ads

  In the west we often find advertising on the internet, social media, and mobile apps, to be annoying and intrusive. Particularly when the ads target us specifically. When you browse Facebook and see an advert for a product you were recently searching for, you begin to wonder whether your privacy is being violated. In [...]

WeChat Desktop Client has Arrived, Right after WhatsApp

  Originally, all these apps were meant to be used only on smartphones but for the convenience of users, desktop clients are being rolled out now. First, it was WhatsApp and now WeChat has launched their Windows PC desktop client. The purpose of these clients is to allow users to receive and send messages, add [...]

China Boots up an Internet Banking Industry

  Tencent and Alibaba Usher In Cyberspace Borrowing Caixin 01.27.15 Ding Lin—Xinhua/Zuma Press Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, second from right, visits WeBank offices in Shenzhen, China on January 4, 2015. Premier Li Keqiang recently launched a new era for banking in China by ceremonially pressing the “confirm” button for a 35,000 yuan loan issued to [...]

WeChat Is Testing Ads on News Feeds

  Finally WeChat launched first three Ads on Moments News Feeds, which is another big move for WeChat, please find the latest update on China Daily from here.