Taishan opens WeChat account and How Tourism Industry can Benefit from WeChat Marketing

Taishan scenic spot recently opened its official WeChat account. Taishan is among the first scenic spots to promote its tourism online through WeChat, a popular mobile communication service. Staff members working at the information center have devised an automatic reply system that can answer some common questions quickly. “Travel information could reach tourists easily and [...]

China’s Fast-Growing WeChat Shakes Up Weibo.

Move over, Weibo. Here comes WeChat. Weibo, China’s microblogging platform that’s a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, was the hot place to be as recently as last year. Now, marketers are clamoring to engage with WeChat and the 300 million users it’s amassed in just two years. “Everyone is using WeChat, so marketers are wondering [...]

Weibo and Weixin(WeChat): Coexistence due to Complimentary functionalities

Weixin and Weibo have been in the spotlight in the past two years due to their rapid growth and head-to-head competition with each other in China’s social media market. Weibo and Weixin(WeChat), who is going to be the winner? This article offered great insight. Highlights: Weibo offers a unique combination of Facebook in function and [...]

China Social Media Insights: The Game Between Weibo and Weixin(WeChat) is On

Tencent’s fast-growing mobile messaging application WeChat isn’t making money yet, but according to rival Sina Corp., the application is already taking user attention away from competitors. A screenshot shows the Apple iTunes page for recently released English-lanuage version of Tecent’s WeChat mobile messaging app. Speaking during Sina’s earnings call on Friday, chairman Charles Chao said [...]