China: No Need for Open Internet?

  While state media has cited the “near flawless organization” of the Beijing Olympics in support of China’s bid for the 2022 Winter Games, critics have pointed out 2008’s broken promises on media freedom and other rights issues as cause for hesitation. Reuters’ Ben Blanchard reports one bid official’s claim that foreign attendees in 2022 would enjoy unfettered Internet access, but that [...]

China to take its New Year TV gala to a global audience

  A woman prepares 2015 Year of the Sheep mascot dolls for attendees at a press conference for the China Central Television’s annual hours-long Spring Festival Gala held in Beijing, Monday, Feb. 2, 2015. China’s state broadcaster is attempting to extend the international reach of its annual Chinese New Year variety show by making rights [...]

Social Media Marketing in China: Weibo Marketing (2)

2. Why is Weibo so Popular in China? China’s weibo platforms are more than copycats of twitter. They have integrated the good features of Twitter, Facebook and other social network platforms. Here are some of the top reasons why Chinese internet users are so eager to embrace weibo. Weibo is easy to use, short to [...]