China: No Need for Open Internet?

  While state media has cited the “near flawless organization” of the Beijing Olympics in support of China’s bid for the 2022 Winter Games, critics have pointed out 2008’s broken promises on media freedom and other rights issues as cause for hesitation. Reuters’ Ben Blanchard reports one bid official’s claim that foreign attendees in 2022 would enjoy unfettered Internet access, but that [...]

China to Ban Parody Accounts on Social Media

Parody Accounts on Social Media Paul Carsten, Reuters February 4, 2015 China will ban internet accounts that impersonate people or organizations, and enforce the requirement that people use real names when registering accounts online, its internet watchdog said on Wednesday. China has repeatedly made attempts to require internet users to register for online accounts using their [...]

Chinese Users Despair Over WeChat’s New Targeted Ads

  In the west we often find advertising on the internet, social media, and mobile apps, to be annoying and intrusive. Particularly when the ads target us specifically. When you browse Facebook and see an advert for a product you were recently searching for, you begin to wonder whether your privacy is being violated. In [...]

Chinese Messaging App WeChat (Weixin) Gains Overseas Market

BEIJING — Chinese Internet companies have long struggled to establish their products beyond the country’s borders. In 2007 China’s dominant search engine, Baidu, announced an ambitious plan to break into the Japanese search engine market; as of last year, the company said it had lost more than $108 million trying. WeChat, a mobile messaging application [...]

Social Media Marketing in China: Weibo Marketing (1)

1. What is Weibo?   Weibo(微博), also known as microblog, is the most popular and rapidly growing twitter-like social networking platform in China in the past year. As of December 2011, almost half of China’s 513 million internet users have signed up for weibo accounts.   China’s weibo market is dominated by two top players: [...]