“Weibo-Taobao” platform will be on Launched on Aug 5, 2013

A few months after Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba grabbed 18 percent of Twitter-like microblogging platform Sina Weibo with a $586 million investment, the two have teamed up to launch a “Weibo-Taobao” platform to make it easier for customers on Weibo to shop on e-commerce site Taobao. The collaboration basically allows users to buy products directly [...]

Where Chinese Consumers Are Spending Their Cash

Imaginechina/Associated Press Marketers have struggled for years with how to convince China’s infamous savers to spend their money. Now the secret has been unlocked: It’s all about being online. Such, at least, is the message of a new report from consultancy McKinsey & Co., which found that e-commerce is convincing Chinese consumers to open their [...]

Weibo and Weixin(WeChat): Coexistence due to Complimentary functionalities

Weixin and Weibo have been in the spotlight in the past two years due to their rapid growth and head-to-head competition with each other in China’s social media market. Weibo and Weixin(WeChat), who is going to be the winner? This article offered great insight. Highlights: Weibo offers a unique combination of Facebook in function and [...]

Chinese online mall Taobao Tmall reports $3B — yes billion — in sales in one day

  November 13, 2012 3:02 PM The top Chinese e-commerce service Taobao reported $3 billion in sales in a single day, November 11, according to Chris West, a British expatriate currently living in Fuzhou, China. And according to the company’s own infographic (included below) which is, naturally, in Chinese. November 11 may be Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and [...]