Ten Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – VIII

Be a leader, be innovative, and be the best In China, Foreign companies have to continually update products and services not just because consumer needs change in the fast growing economy, but mainly because competitors constantly introduce similar products with much lower price.   It is not wise to start the price war with Chinese [...]

Ten Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – V

Learn policies and regulations at all levels Central government makes policies and regulations for industries and businesses, while local governments interpret and implement those high level policies and regulations, and come up with more specific regulations under the central government’s policy. Before planning a foreign investment in China, first you need to find out how [...]

Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – III

When In Rome, Do as the Romans do-How to promote your product Google is limited in China, whereas Baidu is the No. 1 search engine in China with 535 million users.  Rather than using Google Adwords and Adsense, you should start Baidu Keywords and Banner Ads campaign to reach Chinese customers. Social media marketing is [...]

Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – II

Understand Chinese consumers and the consumer behavior affected by Chinese culture; customize your product and service if needed; treat your customers and business partners with cultural consideration Due to the cultural differences, the popular car models in the US such as pickup, hatchback and minivan are often found not welcome by Chinese customers.  Chinese respect [...]

China becomes Brazil’s top sugar buyer

China, the largest buyer of Brazilian iron ore and soybeans, has also become the South American country’s largest sugar export market this year. During the first 10 months of the year, China’s imports of Brazilian sugar reached 1.8 million metric tons, accounting for 12 percent of Brazil’s total sugar exports, Brazilian official data showed. The [...]

Scots to increase food, drink exports to China

The Scottish government is planning a major expansion of its food exports to China. Richard Lochhead, its cabinet secretary for rural affairs and environment, said exports of Scottish salmon to China, for instance, are expected to more than double after surged 103 percent in 2011. He revealed that overall Scottish food and drink exports to [...]

Soybean imports from US to decline

A soybean farm near Tangara da Serra, Brazil. China’s large imports of Brazilian beans last fall will further dent its imports from the United States, a regional director at the American Soybean Association said on June 6, 2012. [Photo/Agencies] Chinese consumers questioning safety of genetically modified food The American Soybean Association said it expects China, the [...]

Imports to get boost from tariff cuts

Adjustments to further promote balanced trade, says vice-premier China will adjust trade tariffs and provide fiscal support to boost imports while the world economy is undergoing a “complicated” restructuring, Vice-Premier Hui Liangyu said on Thursday. He said the adjustments aim to further promote balanced trade, but he did not provide details about how and when [...]

More efforts to expand imports for balanced trade

China will work harder to bring in more imports as it strives to bring balance to its trade, according to guidelines issued by the State Council on Monday. “The government will further improve the structure of imports and stabilize imports of bulk commodities while importing more advanced technological equipment, important parts and raw materials and [...]

China’s import tariffs cut praised

Move sets good example in era of protectionism, WTO official says China’s decision to cut import tariffs, against the backdrop of lurking protectionism in “too many” countries, has been hailed by the World Trade Organization. “At a time when too many governments are reverting to trade restrictive measures, news of China’s market-opening initiative is most [...]