US firms learn how to better serve Chinese tourists and understand their culture

Chinese tourism in America From 2010-11, Chinese visitors to the US increased by 36% Visitors from China spent $5.7bn (£3.5bn) within the US in 2011 The top five entry points for Chinese visitors to the US are New York, Newark, San Francisco, Chicago and Blaine, Washington state (on the Canadian border). Source: Massachusetts Office of [...]

US wine’s potential in China huge

A Shenyang delegation visits the Sorelle Winery vineyard in California’s Central Valley. Chen Jia / China Daily   American wineries are putting a greater effort in marketing to the Chinese palate Thanks to the booming Chinese middle class and its disposable income and preference for high quality imported red wines, California vintners are starting to [...]

How China’s New Love Affair with U.S. Private Schools Is Changing Them Bot

Mar 28 2012, 11:01 AM ET 12 As Chinese students flood private American high schools, aided by high-priced “consultants,” they are changing concepts of success and security back home, and leading ambitious schools to seek out more of the eager (and often full-paying) mainlanders. When 16-year-old Zhao Weibo flew in from China to tour the [...]