How to attract Chinese firms to invest in your country

Investing in Europe Asia, Europe and Africa are the top three destinations for China’s ODI. But since the European debt crisis broke out, Europe has led the growth and will probably continue to do so. In 2011, China’s investment in the European Union jumped by 94 percent year-on-year to $4.28 billion. In Africa it increased [...]

Chinese investments continue to grow in Canada

China’s investment in Canada is likely to increase at a “record” pace in the near term, building on fast expansion in recent years, the Canada China Business Council said on Wednesday. “Investments from China will maintain fast growth this year and the near future would see a record growth speed,” Sarah Kutulakos, executive director of [...]

Publishers eager to invest overseas

More Chinese cultural and publishing companies are seeking to invest overseas as the government encourages the development of cultural industry abroad, according to government officials and entrepreneurs. The Chinese government has policies to encourage more companies in the cultural sector to go overseas to seek international capital and market share, officials said. “China encourages publishers [...]

Outbound investment rises

Workers assemble wheel hubs at a plant in Hung Yen province in Vietnam. Theplant has received investment from the Chinese motorcycle and automobilemaker Lifan Group Corp. China’s outbound direct investment in non-financialsectors increased by 94.5 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of the year,hitting $16.55 billion. [Photo/Xinhua]   Figure jumps 94.5% as world opens arms [...]

Outbound investment still in beginning stage

Despite unprecedented opportunities abroad, China’s outbound direct investment is still in a fledgling state, according to a poll undertaken by China’s trade promotion agency. A majority of the companies that responded to the survey, entitled Chinese Companies’Outbound Investment and Operation, said they were dissatisfied with the way business isconducted overseas, where economic, cultural and political [...]