Ten Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – VII

 Protect Intellectual Property Right a.    Register Trademarks, Patents, and Copyright b.    Protect business secrets When you design products, which you plan to manufacture in China and distribute worldwide, you need to break the products design into pieces and assign to different manufacturers. Don’t let left hand know what right hand doing. c.    Sign Non-disclosure agreement [...]

Ten Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – VI

 You can’t run a credit check in China, how do you conduct Due Diligence? Always ask for business license, and check the business ID from official government website.  For example, to conduct due diligence on the companies located in Shenzhen, you can check business license information from Shenzhen government website. All the relevant information is [...]

Best Practises on doing business in China – IV

Choose the right location, form of business, and business partners Choose the right business location When looking for location, foreign companies are recommended to thoroughly study the business and investment environment of the candidate locations and compare among them the factors such as government support and efficiency, tax incentives, infrastructure, market, distribution channels, logistics, talents, [...]

China’s growing middle class

The middle class in China has topped more than 300 million people. And they are a growing factor in the world’s economy. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – CNNMoney interviewed Helen Wang, author of The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You. A consultant, Wang was raised in China [...]