Glogou Announces “Across the Great Wall” China Marketing Technologies and Services That Break Down the Barriers to Reaching the Growing China Market

SANTA CLARA, CA, Aug 07, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Glogou Inc, a Silicon Valley technology marketing company that specializes in digital marketing, today announced the availability of Across the Great Wall, a suite of turnkey digital marketing solutions that breaks down the barriers for marketing in China. By offering innovative technologies that overcome the [...]

Glogou helps US companies build brands in China

Iris Huang (second from right), director of global marketing at Glogou, with her team at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Provided to China Daily Baidu is the dominant search engine in China. But for any non-Chinese business pining to capture a smidgeon of the Middle Kingdom market, there is a massive obstacle: The search giant’s [...]

Chinese travelers the world’s biggest spenders and how can you attract Chinese tourists

Chinese travelers are now the top source of tourism cash in the world, according to a new report by the United Nations World Tourism Organization(UNWTO). Boosted by a rising Chinese currency, Chinese travelers spent a record US$102 billion on international tourism in 2012, a 40 percent rise from US$73 billion in 2011. Chinese tourism: The [...]

How to Attract Chinese tourists in 2013: Over 30 Countries’ Marketing Strategies to Woo Chinese Tourists

A booming economy and expanding middle class with a newly disposable income has made China the number one most sought after outbound tourism market in the world. (The Official Tourism Website of Canada is Available in Chinese)   A record 1 billion tourists crossed international borders in 2012, and Chinese travelers are becoming a bigger and [...]

Weibo and Weixin(WeChat): Coexistence due to Complimentary functionalities

Weixin and Weibo have been in the spotlight in the past two years due to their rapid growth and head-to-head competition with each other in China’s social media market. Weibo and Weixin(WeChat), who is going to be the winner? This article offered great insight. Highlights: Weibo offers a unique combination of Facebook in function and [...]

Glogou was Featured on Silicon Valley Business Journal: Santa Clara startup connects U.S. companies and Chinese markets

  For foreign companies, finding business success in China often hinges on building personal relationships. With this in mind, the U.S.-educated China natives behind Santa Clara startup Glogou are using China’s own websites to connect the country’s massive – but often elusive – markets with American businesses, real estate markets and tourist attractions. The company [...]

Ten Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – VIII

Be a leader, be innovative, and be the best In China, Foreign companies have to continually update products and services not just because consumer needs change in the fast growing economy, but mainly because competitors constantly introduce similar products with much lower price.   It is not wise to start the price war with Chinese [...]

Ten Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – VII

 Protect Intellectual Property Right a.    Register Trademarks, Patents, and Copyright b.    Protect business secrets When you design products, which you plan to manufacture in China and distribute worldwide, you need to break the products design into pieces and assign to different manufacturers. Don’t let left hand know what right hand doing. c.    Sign Non-disclosure agreement [...]

Ten Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – VI

 You can’t run a credit check in China, how do you conduct Due Diligence? Always ask for business license, and check the business ID from official government website.  For example, to conduct due diligence on the companies located in Shenzhen, you can check business license information from Shenzhen government website. All the relevant information is [...]

Ten Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – V

Learn policies and regulations at all levels Central government makes policies and regulations for industries and businesses, while local governments interpret and implement those high level policies and regulations, and come up with more specific regulations under the central government’s policy. Before planning a foreign investment in China, first you need to find out how [...]