US should revisit media policy on China in light of growing Chinese digital media industry

Chinese protectionism in the digital media sphere has created a major underdiscussed trade gap between China and the United States, and the U.S. government must place more pressure on the Chinese government to open up the nation’s media to foreign competition, according to a new paper from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy. The [...]

UK Businesses Urge Government Simplify Visa Application Process for Chinese Visitors

Britain is treating Chinese citizens “like criminals” under its complex visa entry system, which prevents thousands of tourists from visiting the UK and boosting economic spend, industry chiefs warned. Business leaders including British Airways boss Willie Walsh; Nick Varney, chief executive of the Madame Tussauds owner Merlin Entertainments; and Grant Hearn, Travelodge chief, have warned [...]

Ten Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – VIII

Be a leader, be innovative, and be the best In China, Foreign companies have to continually update products and services not just because consumer needs change in the fast growing economy, but mainly because competitors constantly introduce similar products with much lower price.   It is not wise to start the price war with Chinese [...]

Best Practises on doing business in China – IV

Choose the right location, form of business, and business partners Choose the right business location When looking for location, foreign companies are recommended to thoroughly study the business and investment environment of the candidate locations and compare among them the factors such as government support and efficiency, tax incentives, infrastructure, market, distribution channels, logistics, talents, [...]

Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China – II

Understand Chinese consumers and the consumer behavior affected by Chinese culture; customize your product and service if needed; treat your customers and business partners with cultural consideration Due to the cultural differences, the popular car models in the US such as pickup, hatchback and minivan are often found not welcome by Chinese customers.  Chinese respect [...]

Best Practices for US Companies Doing Business in China-I

1.      Reposition your company and product towards high end, premium, or unique in the market   China has millions of small and medium-sized businesses in almost all the industries.  They respond quickly to market and price aggressively due to the low costs.  For foreign companies to enter Chinese market, it is not wise to start [...]

Made in America, Please? China Shells Out for U.S. Exports

In China, there is a hunger for all things American — and U.S. businesses, small and large, are taking note. According to the U.S.-China Business Council, the Chinese spent $104 billion in U.S. exports in the last year — up 542 percent from 10 years ago. In China recently, Oscar Atkinson, a CEO at Silicone [...]