Skype vs WeChat vs Line – Why is Skype losing out against new players in the market

Skype vs WeChat vs Line – Why is Skype losing out against new players in the market

Skype has been one of the leading players in the VoIP markets for over a decade.

Being the first player in the market, Skype has had the advantage of being the first name that people recall when they think of VoIP and voice calling over the internet.

When Skype was first introduced I was in my early teens, it is almost as if I have grown up with the application.

Personal feelings aside, Skype has been a good service provider, if not the very best, and their diverse services ranging from free calling from PC to PC, ranging to calling PC to Phone, has been something that has worked for them for a very long time now.

And credit be given to them that they have actually worked quite hard upon their success and it is something that they have gained over a period of time with the help of improvements.

However, in an ever changing world, with the smartphone boom, new applications started soaring heads and today VoIP providers such as WeChat and Line are giving Skype a run for its money.

Well, technically Skype is far ahead of all of them combined, but the very fact that they have managed to create such a dent in a market which Skype once used to clearly dominate is worth considering. Let us consider a few reasons on why it happened:

Skype’s layout: Skype has been something that has basically revolved around the same conceptual layout and has rarely changed.

The only major change in its years of existence was noticed when the Windows 8 came out and Skype evolved to minimalistic version which was more or less the same. It did have an impact as the app remained the same for a very long time.

More users on Smartphones: Today the world of technology is not limited to the computers as smartphone users have a much greater access to VoIP applications and WeChat and Line have been specifically designed to appeal to those users.

The smartphone users have clearly not preferred skype as their numero uno choice.

WeChat and the Chinese audiences: Demographically, the largest population of the world was in favor of WeChat which is an application developed in China.

This is a big reason why a very large section of the users of Skype shifted to the localized application which is the most popular app in China.

There are various other reasons reflecting over the facts why Skype is losing out against WeChat and Line, but these are the major ones.








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