Hawaii tourism’s Korea, China, U.S. West marketers hit targets while others miss

  A Mandarin-speaking guide leads a group of Chinese visitors on a tour of the USS Missouri in this file photo. The Hawaii Tourism Authority said its marketing contractors in China and South Korea hit their goals during the third quarter of 2014. The Hawaii Tourism Authority’s marketing contractors in China, South Korea and the U.S. West [...]

Chinese visitors boost tourism to record high

  The Times Square masses of humanity, sidewalk-blocking phalanxes and museum-entrance lines added up to an unprecedented 56.4 million visitors to the city in 2014, officials said Monday. New York City was the place to be in 2014, when 56.4 million visitors flocked to the Big Apple, the de Blasio administration announced Monday. It was [...]

Chinese Users Despair Over WeChat’s New Targeted Ads

  In the west we often find advertising on the internet, social media, and mobile apps, to be annoying and intrusive. Particularly when the ads target us specifically. When you browse Facebook and see an advert for a product you were recently searching for, you begin to wonder whether your privacy is being violated. In [...]

Will Marketers Snub the Black Sheep of the Chinese Zodiac?

  Brands Jumped on Year of the Horse But Are Less Enthused About 2015′s Meek Sheep By Angela Doland. Published on January 29, 2015.   Levi’s found a playful use for sheep imagery Credit: FCB Shanghai In China, Lunar New Year is a time of big ad spending, when marketers look to tap into the holiday spirit and appeal to [...]

Everyone in the World Is Playing This Game Except the Chinese

  TwoDots won over mobile gamers in 71 countries. Why can’t it crack China without a middle man? by Joshua Brustein When the studio behind the hit smartphone game Dots began developing a sequel, the idea was to hook players with a mixture of satisfaction and frustration. TwoDots switches between being quite easy and rather difficult. “We’ll make you feel confident [...]

Chinese New Year goes digital

  As the New Year of Goat is approaching, marketers need a programmatic strategy to deliver high digital marketing ROI, click for details explained by Chris Dobson.

Chinese Are Dominating The International Real Estate Market Without Even Leaving China

KONG (Reuters) – For some Chinese investors, the first step to purchasing millions of dollars in property on the other side of the globe is a lot like ordering a new t-shirt online – search and click. Social media is the catalyst, connecting Chinese buyers and overseas agents. At least one prospective buyer entrusted an [...]

Asian buyers scoop up ‘bargain’ million-dollar Bay Area homes

The continuing influx of well-heeled homebuyers from Asia has Bay Area real estate firms competing for a lucrative and growing slice of the region’s residential market. “It has gotten big enough to where people are starting to pay attention to it,” said James Yang, an agent with the Sereno Group in Palo Alto. “If you [...]

Where Chinese Consumers Are Spending Their Cash

Imaginechina/Associated Press Marketers have struggled for years with how to convince China’s infamous savers to spend their money. Now the secret has been unlocked: It’s all about being online. Such, at least, is the message of a new report from consultancy McKinsey & Co., which found that e-commerce is convincing Chinese consumers to open their [...]

Why Chinese Shop While Travelling Abroad?

Coming to a City Near You: More Chinese Shoppers ByJason Chow European Pressphoto Agency Chinese shoppers queue up outside a luxury store in Hong Kong. If you thought the throngs of Chinese tourists in Hong Kong, Paris or London couldn’t get any bigger, think again: The age of the globe-trotting Chinese shopper has just begun, [...]