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Was Arthur Leigh Allen Really The Killer?
Like the thrilling 2007 David Fincher true story film Zodiac He points out, the identity of the true zodiac killer has been a mystery for decades, so who was the killer? In the late 1960s and early 19

Zodiac True Story Explained: Was Arthur Leigh Allen Really The Killer?
As David Fincher's 2007 thrilling true story movie Zodiac notes, the identity of the real Zodiac Killer has been a decades-long mystery, so who was the murderer? Throughout the late 1960s and early 19

WATCH: Accidents, smoking taxis and drunk boozers, Level 3 off to rough start
While most around the country celebrated on Monday morning as the country eased into Level 3 of the lockdown regulations. As many were now allowed to purchase liquor for home consumption, Arrive Alive

Zodiac: How The Movie Compares To The Real Life Cases
David Fincher's 2007 crime-thriller, Zodiac, creates a narrative out of the real-life crimes of the titular serial killer, who was active in Northern California in the late 60's and early 70's. While

Canada extends cruise ship ban to at least Oct. 31
Officials said that each docked cruise ship brings in about $3 million in economic impact to Metro Vancouver. iStock image Ottawa has extended the ban of cruise ships from entering Canadian waters un

How the Rolex Day-Date Became the Ultimate Power Watch
Anyone who clips on a Rolex Day-Date every morning probably has a story to tell —especially if they’ve been wearing it since the 1980s, when it stood for something greater than the sum of its (gold or

How Europe has gone back to the shops: Masks, temperature checks, plexiglass shields and limits ...
Europe's shops have imposed a long list of health restrictions since stores began to re-open, with shoppers on the continent already used to the masks, screens and distancing measures which may soon a

Young 'penny-pinching' Chinese on the rise amid coronavirus pandemic
A new group of young "penny-pinching" Chinese have emerged of late, representing a trend toward decreased spending amid the COVID-19 pandemic and challenging the stereotype that today's generation of

China's Laid-Off Workers Rush Into Food Delivery
SHANGHAI — Two long lines of messily parked electric scooters clutter the sidewalk outside a bustling downtown mall. Here and there, young men wearing blue and yellow uniforms are slumped over the bik

GCash to help taxis shift to cashless payments: transport dept
MANILA - The Department of Transportation said Friday it tapped GCash to help equip taxis with scan-to-pay systems, as part of a pandemic normal that requires cashless payments. The joint venture of

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